The information provided in this "Investment" area of ​​the website is purely descriptive on the activities and structure of Garnell SGR, as well as some essential characteristics of the funds it manages, and is not aimed at offering the shares of said funds to the public, as provided for by the Consolidated Finance Act and the Ministerial Decree March 5, 2015 n. 30. It should be noted, in any case, that the investment activity in said shares, pursuant to the relevant regulations, is reserved for private and public professional investors only, as well as those who, on request, may be treated as professional clients, pursuant to art. 6 paragraphs 2d and 2e of the Consolidated Finance Act or to non-professional investors who underwrite or purchase units for a total amount not less than € 500,000, where required by the Management Regulations, pursuant to art. 14 of the Ministerial Decree March 5, 2015 n. 30. It should also be noted that this website does not necessarily contain all the information that any investor would consider relevant to the purchase or underwriting of the shares of each fund, nor may said information constitute or be considered, in whole or in part, as the basis of agreements or commitments of any kind. Nothing published on this site constitutes advice nor does the information published here contain statements that an investment in the shares of one or more funds managed by SGR should be considered suitable or appropriate for the recipients. The past results of each fund are not indicative of future results.